Swings for lounging in the garden

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Swings for lounging in the garden

A piece of furniture in which it is good to laze around!

This summer, swings and hanging chairs are making a comeback. Objective ? Let yourself be lulled by this summer garden accessory. Relaxation guaranteed!

The swing, an essential piece of furniture in the gardens

The swing seat is one of those garden furniture that is both practical and decorative. This suspended bench is sometimes covered with an awning, in order to be protected from the sun. What do all swings have in common? Its gentle pendulum movement, from which it gets its name.

It is a user-friendly piece of furniture, which represents a real invitation to relax. It can accommodate up to 4 people, depending on the model. In the 70s, the swing was often covered with fabric with flowers or geometric patterns, in very pop colors. Nowadays, swings are more “sober”, with a very simple design and cushions or plaids that bring comfort to the seat.

Installed on a terrace or at the bottom of the garden, sheltered under trees, the swing seat is the perfect relaxation piece of furniture. Ideal for naps!

What materials to choose for your swing?

The choice of swing seat material is just as important as the choice of furniture itself and its design. Some models are made of different materials, in order to match several styles of decoration.

The most common materials for porch swings are wood, steel, and metal. PVC is also used for the manufacture of swings, but it is a material that does not resist over time. More economical, however, it allows you to acquire a swing with a small budget. If you opt for PVC, remember to protect your swing seat well in winter, with a protective cover or a tarpaulin. Prefer a dry and ventilated place to store it; this will prevent mold from attacking the cushions.

Metal swings can have a little romantic side, if you opt for a light shade. Remember to treat it against oxidation, if you want to see it last over time without rusting. Apply the anti-rust treatment once a year and regularly check the condition of the metal.

The wooden swing seat remains the most suitable model for the garden, and the most resistant over time. Elegant, natural, it is a timeless model. Choose a wood suitable for outdoor use, otherwise it will rot or be damaged. Maintenance is quite easy: apply protective oil to the entire wooden swing once a year.

For comfortable seating, consider outdoor cushions or nylon coverings.

Hanging chairs, the other decorative alternative to the swing

If you do not have the space to install a swing, as may be the case on a terrace or a balcony, consider hanging chairs ! There are different types of suspension for this:

  • Self-supporting solutions

This is the easiest solution if you don’t have a tree or something high to hang your hanging chair from. The armchair is thus hung using a solid and resistant structure, on foot.

  • Solutions to be fixed to an element in height

Fixed with a strong chain, the hanging chair can be hung from a solid tree or even from the ceiling if you are on a covered balcony.

Hanging chairs are just as conducive to cocooning as swings. The egg shape of certain models allows you to create a real cocoon there, with the help of very soft pillows.

Macrame or rattan models, suspended from trees, give a boho touch to the garden. Combined with linens such as cotton plaid or embroidered cushions but also with some light garlands, you can then create a very trendy bohemian atmosphere in your exterior.

Metal hanging chairs are more modern, and are particularly suitable for decorating a balcony in an urban environment or on the edges of a swimming pool, for a more neutral and less marked decoration than the boho decor.

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