Tutorial: a towel beach bag that turns into a sun lounger!

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Tutorial: a towel beach bag that turns into a sun lounger!

For more comfortable and less bulky outings to the beach or pool!

Sunscreen, sunglasses, books, drinks… you don’t always have room to slip a towel into your bag. And even less a bulky sunbed to avoid sand on your towel! Neither one nor two, here is the practical bag that turns into a comfortable sun lounger! Made with a recycled towel, this bag will allow you to carry everything you need for a trip to the beach . To your sewing machines!


– A large towel – Cotton fabric (or a recycled tablecloth) – Rope – Ribbons – A sewing machine – Scissors – Felt pens for fabrics – Pins – A pencil – A ruler

Budget : 10 euros Duration : 4 hours


1. Start by creating a case for your pillow. Count in height about 1/4 of the length of the towel and 60 cm in width. Simply fold a piece of fabric in half and sew at both ends.

2. Turn the cover over, and pin it to the top of the towel. Center it and sew on the wrong side of the towel (the side of the towel that will be on the floor). Make sure that the pillowcase opens well on this side, so that it can turn into a pocket once the towel is folded.

3. Fold the towel over to create the bag. Fold the pillowcase inside and fold both sides of the towel along the pillow. Fold twice, rolling up the bottom of the towel, to reach the bottom of the pillowcase.

4. You now have the bag wide open: the pillowcase creates a first pocket. A second pocket is pinned to the towel, the opening on the outer side. Sew the pocket with a straight stitch.

5. Repeat folding from step two. Then fold the napkin in half.

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6. Prepare an outside pocket on which we fix the handles (instead of the rope, you can also use the strap). Fold the fabric over and pin it all together.

7. Pin the pocket to the folded towel, making sure to place the handles the right way round! Then sew with a straight stitch. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for the other side of the towel.

8. Sew a few straight lines on the pockets to create dividers.

9. Sew a few hand stitches to hold the handle on the top of the bag.

10. Pass a ribbon between the strands of the strings of the bag, to be able to close it with small knots.

11. Decorate the pockets as you wish with a fabric marker. You can print a pattern to pin under the fabric to guide you.

12. And to go from the sunbathing version to the bag version, here is the folding:


Indispensable for people looking for refreshment , this 2-in-1 bag will follow you for all your swims! By slipping your towel into the pillowcase (or an inflatable pillow), you will obtain a place of choice to taste the rays of the sun. Much more practical than a classic bag for cleaning, just unfold the towel to let it dry or put it in the washing machine! So, ready to go to the beach? Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your DIY sun loungers via our Facebook page , and find other ideas on our Pinterest !

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