Transat vs swing: the match!

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Transat vs swing: the match!

Rest is serious business! Transat or swing: which piece of furniture will you entrust to relax?

Lounging in the sun in your garden is one of the little pleasures of summer. The deckchair or the swing, which will be the ideal companion for your moments of relaxation? You are now faced with a difficult dilemma! To decide between these two stars of garden furniture, let’s take a look at their respective strengths!

For its fun and friendly side: advantage to the swing!

An emblematic piece of furniture from the 70s, the swing had almost disappeared at the same time as the decade of which it was the symbol. Skilfully surfing on the retro trend, it is now making a remarkable comeback in our gardens. It must be said that it does not lack assets! Starting with its multi-seater seat, which offers you long moments of sharing with your loved ones. Victorious in the field of conviviality, the swing is also in that of nostalgia! Doesn’t its pendulum swing remind you of the carefree games of childhood? The deckchair can’t say the same…

The swing can also accompany your moments of relaxation on the terrace!

Lovers of idleness: the deckchair is made for you!

When the thermometer breaks records, we gladly surrender to the pleasure of doing nothing. This is where the deckchair comes in! Static and single-seater, it is the ideal companion for long naps. Close your eyes and imagine… A deckchair by the swimming pool, a side table for cold drinks and a good novel: the scene is a cliché and yet continues to inspire dreams! As you will have understood, the deckchair has no competition when it comes to offering you those moments of idleness that are the charm of summer.

A magnificent wooden deckchair to forget the time in the garden.

Deckchair or swing: what if you refuse to choose?

The undecided will be delighted to learn: we now find garden furniture halfway between the swing and the deckchair! These models are designed as a single-seater swing, with a seat lying in a horizontal position. Some of these hybrid pieces of furniture are even equipped with a system to lock the pendulum movement. We then obtain a real suspended deckchair! The Cornelian dilemma that has been haunting you for a few weeks may well have found its epilogue…

Between the deckchair and the swing seat, make way for the suspended deckchair!

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