How to relax in the garden in style?

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How to relax in the garden in style?

Deckchair, Chilean, hammock, garden bed… It’s time for idleness!

On sunny days, the garden becomes a separate room. If it is well laid out, it is a favorite space for enjoying a moment of laziness. To create a relaxation area worthy of the name, you must bet on comfortable and resistant seats. Between the charm of a deck chair, the comfort of a hammock and the elegance of a garden bed… We don’t know where to turn! So to choose, we let you discover the advantages and characteristics of each of these seats. One thing is certain, they are all ideal for lounging around in style!

A nice sunbathing

When we think of relaxing in the garden, we automatically think of sunbathing. Since they allow you to lie down, we couldn’t find a better place to take a nap in the sun! On a terrace, in a garden or at the edge of a swimming pool, the sunbeds offer all the comfort necessary for unwinding outdoors. Folding or fixed, with or without armrests, rectangular or rounded, plain or with a mattress, with or without sun visor… There is no shortage of shapes to adapt to everyone’s well-being. In terms of look, opt for a wooden or rattan model for an authentic and warm style. Choose bamboo and other exotic woods if you want to give your exterior a tropical look. And for fans of contemporary decoration, prefer a lounge chair in aluminum or resin! So,

The essential Chilean

An emblematic seat of summer, the deckchair offers a real invitation to idleness. To create a relaxation area in the garden, it is therefore ideal. Due to its simple structure, it allows a half-lying position in a relaxed but chic style! The good news ? It does not take up space and invites itself willingly in small exteriors such as on a terrace or a balcony. Since it folds easily, the deckchair is also the nomadic seat par excellence. So you can take it everywhere during your outdoor outings. It’s up to you to relax in the garden, in the mountains or on the beach! In terms of style, choose a traditional model (wooden structure and plain fabric) if you are more classic. Opt for a fabric with floral motifs for a garden with a bucolic air. Prefer a version in metal and pep color for a modern exterior. And for the little ones, there are even miniature models! In any case, despite its old age, it remains timeless.

The comforting hammock

What better than a hammock to laze around in the garden? A favorite seat for taking a nap, the hammock has many followers. And we understand why ! At the mere sight of this seat, you imagine yourself on vacation, cocktails in hand! And just for that, you want to have one in your exterior, right? Hang it between two trees to enjoy nature or bet on your terrace to relax in the shade. If you do not have a tree, turn to a model with a support provided for this purpose. As for the decorative style, turn to an embroidered version with fringes for the bohemian touch or to a Fatboy model for a resolutely modern look! Don’t have a lot of outdoor space? The hammock chair is made for you. And when winter approaches, nothing prevents you from install in your home! In the living room, a library, in a bedroom… Not only is it trendy but in addition, the hammock will give a friendly and warm air to your cozy nest. And one more reason to crack!

The extravagant garden bed

To end this summer selection in style, we present to you the height of laziness: the garden bed. Of course, you need space to accommodate it. And if this is your case, we envy you! Indeed, the outdoor bed always has its most beautiful effect when it is installed in a garden. Placed on a terrace, directly on the grass or near a swimming pool, it encourages letting go and leaves room for daydreaming. But above all, it promises a privileged moment of relaxation for two… In the form of a cocoon or a double deckchair, the garden bed will give your outdoor space a heavenly air. It also has the advantage of thinking outside the box due to its atypical format. Anyway, it is worthy of the exterior decorations of the most beautiful hotels in the world. To complete the atmosphere,

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