How to make a garden furniture in pallets!

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Swings for lounging in the garden

How to make a garden furniture in pallets!

Doing your own pallet garden furniture is trendy and perfect for mini budgets! Recovery and DIY: the winning duo of this decoration tutorial!

The necessary equipment for your garden furniture in pallets

To give a recycled and industrial side to your garden, and create your sofa in pallets, it’s simple! You will need: Material: • 9 Euro-type wooden pallets • sheets for sanding (abrasive sheets, sandpaper) • white paint and a small roller • and to hold the pallets together: strong wood glue, or 36 brackets ( 4 per pallet) and screws, or metal brackets and screws • as well as your trusty screwdriver!

The different steps to build your garden furniture in pallets

For the seat 1. Place 3 pallets next to each other (two in one direction, one in the other) on the ground to form an L; 2. Add an extra layer of pallets if you want the seat to be higher; 3. To join the 2 floors and hold the pallets together, you can either use strong wood glue, or place a square at each corner or finally use a metal bracket. (optional) For the folder If you can wedge your sofa against a clean wall, lean your sofa against it and put a row of comfortable cushions. If not, create your own pallet backrest: 1. Remove the bottom of the 3 remaining pallets 2. Position them, upright, between the wall and the seat 3. Fix them together (glue, metal bracket, etc. ). Finally, if you have a tenth pallet, create a clever coffee table by adding fixed casters, equipped with brakes, screwed to the 4 corners. How-to video Congratulations! You have just created a unique garden furniture ! To unify your garden furniture, don’t forget to sand the whole thing and paint everything the same color: white is ideal because it stands out very well in the sun, and goes with everything!

The little extra “Summer” decorative touch

On the comfort side, continue with low prices by accessorizing with the SUMMER range: add two superimposed beach mattresses (€34.99) and some beautiful coordinated cushions at €7.99 with outdoor textiles. Finally, consider a colorful GASSIN parasol at €6.99 to protect you from the sun during your well-deserved nap or to share a convivial moment with friends. So grab your pallets and if you don’t want to stop there, discover without further delay our DIY dedicated to the personalization of your chairs! Visuals: Designmag and Deco-cool

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