Better at Home: Make my 35m2 wasteland a pleasant place to live out of sight

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Better at Home: Make my 35m2 wasteland a pleasant place to live out of sight

In Aurélie’s house, everything is perfect… except her garden! Its small exterior is a real wasteland: earth and holes everywhere, not ideal for setting up garden furniture and lounging… Especially when the neighbors have a view of the garden! Our professionals will have to redouble their efforts to make Aurélie’s little garden a nice relaxation area.

Better at Home: Make my 35m2 wasteland a pleasant place to live out of sight

Having a garden is great, but when it’s fallow, it’s much less so! Aurélie expects our experts to offer her a small comfortable garden out of sight…

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Frédéric offers a dream terrace with an aquatic oasis!

Frédéric, our environment creator, promises mountains and wonders to Aurélie. To start, he chooses to put white crushed gravel on the ground in order to even out the ground and make it flat. Why gravel? To bring material of course! Then, Frédéric has a large basin of water at the bottom of the garden, made of oak beams. What bring freshness to the family of Aurélie. Our landscaper then installs posts which will be connected to the house by steel wires, wires on which he randomly arranges sheets of dry heather : this creates shaded areas without hiding the sunlight. 

In order to solve the problem of vis-à-vis with the neighbors, Frédéric has small delimitations in dry heath also. It’s a good way to give a natural touch to Aurélie’s garden but also to that of her neighbours. It’s still better than a big wall! Finally, Frédéric surrounds his oasis with plants (bamboo, agave, fragrant plants) in order to create intimacy.

Frédéric’s tip: To hide from plain sight, invest in plants ! In addition to isolating you, they bring a very natural side to your exteriors. Choose exotic and succulent plants for minimal maintenance! In addition, bamboo is a super effective windbreaker!

Learn all about the bamboo trend in gardens.

Pierre creates a maintenance-free terrace

Did you dream of it? Pierre has done it: a maintenance-free terrace !

Just like Frédéric, Pierre begins by bringing the entire field up to standard. He will then repaint part of the fence black and install a dried bamboo screen for a more natural and authentic look. He then creates a terrace in pine slats, which are very resistant and easy to maintain . Pierre then installs a bioclimatic pergola whose slats are adjustable to provide more or less shade depending on your desires. Along the fence, there is then a long bench decorated with cushions to create a relaxation area. In the same place, Pierre has plants such as lavender which do not require any particular maintenance. Finally, he has a tree that will definitely put an end to the vis-à-vis.

Pierre finishes his project by installing a wooden table and chairs to be able to enjoy good meals with family or friends. Find our selection of wooden tables for the whole family right here!

Pierre’s little +:  a small sandbox hidden by a hatch made of the same wood as the terrace.

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