7 tips for properly cleaning your garden furniture

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Cleaning techniques for all types of outdoor furniture

The garden furniture is designed with different materials: teak, aluminum, plastic, canvas, metal, woven resin or rattan. Depending on your choice, the maintenance of your garden furniture will not be the same. So we are going to see how to easily clean all types of materials.

7 tips for properly cleaning your garden furniture

plastic garden furniture

When exposed to strong UV rays, plastic furniture tends to  discolor or yellow . If plastic garden furniture isn’t protected during winter, rain can cause it to mold .

Our advice: Use baking soda in combination with  spirit vinegar . Generously sprinkle your plastic furniture with baking soda and, using a soft cloth soaked in vinegar, gently rub the dirty surfaces. Finally rinse and dry. For regular maintenance, a little Marseille soap and water are enough.

Clean your woven resin garden furniture

Very trendy, resin furniture can mold because its composition is largely made of PVC. As for braided resin living rooms , this is even more true because they offer many interstices for the installation of mold.

Our advice: For the regular maintenance of this type of furniture, black or Marseille soap with water is sufficient. For stubborn dirt, we recommend a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar  to be applied with a soft cloth. Then rinse thoroughly and dry.

Clean your teak furniture

Teak is an exotic wood that is very resistant outdoors, but that does not prevent it from tarnishing over time . It must therefore be maintained regularly by feeding the wood with linseed oil .

Our advice: For regular maintenance, use water and Marseille soap , then brush with a soft brush. For stains, apply a little turpentine by dabbing with a soft cloth and rinsing quickly.

Cleaning metal garden furniture

The industrial side of the metal garden furniture makes it very trendy at the moment. Its maintenance is quite simple as long as it is treated against rust during its manufacture .

Our advice: For routine maintenance, clean your furniture with water and black soap and finally dry well. For rust stains, in the case of untreated furniture, use this grandmother’s remedy: rub the stains with half an onion , otherwise sand gently with fine sandpaper on the rusted areas and apply  a rust remover before to repaint .

Clean an aluminum garden table

Robust and unalterable , aluminum may seem the simplest choice to avoid maintenance. But be careful, because it is not anti-stain treated.

Our advice: For stains on your aluminum table , there is nothing like Meudon white or clay . Apply to stains, rub gently with a damp cloth and then rinse and dry well.

Clean your rattan garden furniture

Chic and natural, rattan is making a strong comeback in our gardens. But be careful, because it requires maintenance and it is especially important not to put it in direct sunlight when it is wet .

Our advice : For the regular cleaning of this type of furniture, water and black soap are sufficient. To remove stains, you can use salt water or a dash of ammonia . Rinse well and above all dry thoroughly. Warning: to guarantee its shine for longer, prefer a place sheltered from the rain and direct sunlight, such as a pergola or an arbor.

Clean your canvas garden furniture

The fabric outside is very present, whether on the deck chairs or the cushions covering the garden furniture. But it also requires maintenance.

Our advice: Although the outdoor fabric is water-repellent, it does sometimes stain. Most of the time, machine washing is sufficient, but, when this is not the case, you can use sodium percarbonate for oxidizable stains (fruit, wine, coffee, etc.) or alcohol with 90° for grass stains for example.

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