6 ideas to create a top summer living room!

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The secrets of a garden furniture that lasts all summer

The good weather sets in and with it, the desire to enjoy every minute in the sun. The secret ? On a balcony, terrace or garden, you can create a cozy little corner of paradise with just the right amount of comfort, shade and greenery. Something to sunbathe or cocoon, read or toast in an almost perfect summer lounge!

6 ideas to create a top summer living room! Think about the comfort of garden furniture

Because a garden set is made to be used, not just to admire, comfort always takes precedence over looks. Admittedly, both are better, but there is no question of choosing an ultra-design chair without taking into account the quality of the seat! Even for those who decide to set up a bohemian lounge area on the floor , we multiply the mattresses to enjoy the summer in complete comfort. We do not hesitate to add cushions for more softness, moreover, but beware of excess: no question either of overloading the sofa with cushions until you can no longer sit down.

Arrange a shaded summer lounge

A comfortable garden furniture is good, provided you can use it without risking sunstroke or waiting until nightfall. To enjoy it in full sun, we think of providing a means of providing shade, adapted to the surface and according to the budget: straight or offset parasol , shade sail, pergola, awning, terrace shelter, etc. The shady corner will not only allow you to enjoy the aperitif in the cool, or almost, but also to accentuate the feeling of intimacy and conviviality.

Bet on natural materials for the garden furniture

Want a cocooning garden furniture to savor the season? We go for natural materials or imitations, the key to the cozy atmosphere outdoors . Good news, they are particularly trendy, starting with rattan garden furniture! The woven resin can even easily imitate rattan for a more resistant variant. Teak furniture and other exotic woods are expensive, but timeless. In addition, we take advantage of the summer to install plants, plants and more plants that boost the zen plant effect.

Decorate a summer living room like inside

The secret to a more than perfect summer living room is to decorate the exterior in the same way as the interior, or almost. Decoration brands compete with ideas to adapt to the constraints of the outside, it would be wrong to deprive ourselves of them: the plastic mats look like the real ones and are resistant to rain, the water-repellent textiles allow all the follies on the side tablecloths and cushions, lanterns, paper lanterns and solar-powered streetlights allow for a decor worthy of Versailles… Enough to create a friendly atmosphere without compromising on practicality!

Isolate looks for an intimate summer living room

To feel good in your garden furniture , it is better to avoid the direct view of the neighbors. Whatever the configuration, in a garden or on a small balcony, we provide enough to preserve the intimacy of the aperitif: screen, screen, shade sail, parasol, screen, blind, plant curtain, cannisse… The options are numerous, you just have to find the one that corresponds to the configuration and the budget. And the result is well worth the investment!

Dare to color in the garden furniture

A touch of color in the decor of the garden, and the whole summer living room gains in conviviality. For the shy, a hint of sunny yellow or anise green ensures a warm atmosphere. For contemporary addicts, red or fuchsia pink warm up whites and blacks. As for achieving an ultra-festive guinguette atmosphere , we combine bright colors, we multiply the patterns and we add a few lanterns, atmosphere guaranteed all summer long!

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