1001 ways to relax

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It’s time to take time to rest

In the garden as on the balcony, idleness is one of our favorite summer activities. But what if we also extended this activity out of season, warm inside? Quickly discover the advice of the editorial staff to succumb to idleness!

Deckchair, hammock, rocking chair, hanging chair… There are 1001 ways, styles and trends to take a nap. Inside and out! As you will see on reading the article, there is necessarily a solution to let yourself be seduced by the art of idleness.

The deckchair multiplies the variations

This folding lounge chair , usually made of wood, has been a relaxation essential since the first vacations by the sea at the turn of the century. Today, it is still available in an old shool wood version but adopts printed fabrics that follow the latest trends (vichy fabrics, polka dots, stripes, etc…). At equally low prices, there are also variations in lightweight metal and polyester canvas that are very easy to clean. Just as effective for naps, they are also very practical when you get out of the water, with a seat that dries in the blink of an eye.

Rest, cradled like a baby

If, like the little ones, you need to be rocked to relax, adopt a rocking chair or a hammock without delay . For the latter, no need to have trees available to hang his canvas. The new models are based on steel structures that can be placed wherever you want in the garden but also on the balcony, if you have enough space! Fun, there are also 2-seater versions for lazing around as a duo with your other half or your children.

As for the rocking chair, it seduces those who like to read a book before “nosing down”. It has long had a very old-fashioned image. Finished, the wooden granny armchair, make way for models in metal and colored textilene, a material as resistant as it is relaxing. You will quickly get a taste for it!

Relaxation, languid on the floor

For the nomads, idleness happens… lying on the grass! We gain in comfort thanks to a range of cushions and fleece floor mats to be superimposed at will to create a comfortable seat. We like the mattress and the beach mat with a handle to facilitate their transport. After a picnic at the beach or at the swimming pool, they unfold to allow an improvised siesta. An art within the reach of all budgets.

The FatBoy-style XXL cushion

You don’t have an exterior? Do not panic: it is quite possible to taste the art of idleness indoors! In the living room, install a large soft FatBoy-style cushion. This cushion is more like a pouf , in an XXL version. Created in 2002, in just a few years it has become a cult piece which is undoubtedly a real invitation to idleness. Inside, micro-beads make it comfortable and allow the cushion to take the shape of your body. We warn you: it will be difficult to leave it!

The hanging chair, for a retro boho decor

Another piece of furniture that represents a real invitation to idleness: the hanging chair . It can be installed both indoors and outdoors! Indoors, it finds its place in the living room. We choose a model in natural fibers (rattan type) that we come to install with a solid fixing system, to support the weight. Add one or two soft cushions and a blanket to make it even more cocooning!

Lighter and less bulky, the hammock-style canvas hanging chair can bring color to your interior. Choose a printed model to play the mix and match card with the rest of your decoration.

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